क्या चीन भारत के लिए खतरा का संकेत है या नहीं ??

चर्चा का आयाम :

+ भारत चीन सम्बन्ध

+ one रोड one बेल्ट

+ चीन का भारतीय सीमा में घुसपैठ

+ चीन का अंतर राष्टीय तरीके से भारत पे दबाव

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AS PNB Banka’s new shareholders and Management Board will vigorously contest any petition for the opening of insolvency proceedings in front of the Latvian courts and in this context will demand that the Latvian courts obtain guidance from the European Court of Justice as to compliance with applicable European law.

AS PNB Banka’s new shareholders and Management Board reserve all rights and remedies on a national and European level as well as their rights pursuant to investment treaties. This includes the investment treaty between the United States of America and Latvia. AS PNB Banka’s new shareholders have therefore written to the US Embassy in Riga.

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