Interview Experience RPSC

29th August 3 pm, 2nd candidate 
Candidate name:
राजेश Belongs to करौली
पृष्ठभूमि: B.Tech, Currently : Executive Engineer (SAIL)

Board shyam sunder sharma sir,one mam (I think from academic/teaching line)and one sir(I guess bureaucrat)

1st sharma sir: 
Profile relate question
About 10th 12th Engineering from where when which college job profile etc.

Then mam why u want to leave such a good job in maharatn PSU SAIL with twice salary..

What is Engineering education status in India

What is lacking..your suggestion about it

Q. Service sector alone can't handle growth How it can be made sustainable..etc. 
Q. Your suggestion about engineering study...
Q. What are the problems of steel sector 
Q. Problems of electronic sector..
Q. why we import almost 90% of ESDM?

Some policies if govt about it..really work or not?

Then sir- 
Q. problem of any middle school in village?
Q. Why
जैसलमेर & बाडमेर is best known for( this one I couldn't answer well I told about desert festival desert national parks culture etc.but they were looking for something else)

3-4 opinion based question I can't recall right now ..
Q. related to government governance administration social issue etc... basically he was looking for whether I am aware of rural problem or not?

Then sharma sir- mostly facts about district karauli .. rajasthan district..last one ..karauli as district total women mp name ...why karauli famous for..

Languria dance? Sing 1st line of languria ( I couldn't recall it ).

Bhamashah additions to it..ur views on it..etc..some more factual questions ..

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